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Going For Gold

Going For Gold

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This month saw the celebration of the prestigious Johnnie Walker Cup, abounding with drama – and whiskey.

On Sunday 8th November, 9 horses jockeyed for gold over a distance of 2,140 metres in the Johnnie Walker Cup at the Marsa Race Track. A press conference at the Malta Racing Club Tote was addressed by the Chairman of the Malta Racing Club, Mr. Edwin Borg, as well as the Marketing Manager of M. Demajo (Wines & Spirits) Ltd, Mr Alfred Braddick. Also present were the owners and jockeys of horses taking part in this edition.

The Johnnie Walker Cup is a prestigious trophy dating back to 1939. Although for a good number of years it remained only in the showcases of the Malta Racing Club, these last years it has been used during the Mediterranean Championship for flat racing jockeys, which Malta used to host on March 31. This year’s winner went home with €900. The winner of this year’s edition of the Johnnie Walker Cup, One Photo (Charles Debono) was able to break ahead of second-placed Big Ben (Saviour Cutajar), third-placed Ourasi Diams (Emmanuel Fenech) and fourth-placed Pacific Joy (Anthony Bartolo) to claim the coveted title.

Demajo (Wines & Spirits) Ltd, the sponsors of the race, also awarded a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label to the winner, with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Platinum, a bottle of Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Double Black Label going to second, third and fourth place respectively. Trophies were also given to the owners of the first four horses, with the winner receiving a commemorative blanket.

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Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 053      Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 067

Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 080     Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 103

Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 097     Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 173

Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 027      Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 012

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Johnnie Walker MRC 081115 146


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