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The brilliant catch-phrase that we know and love brings us up to date. Not a summer goes by without many people asking if it’s Pimms O Clock yet!

About Pimm's

In the 1840s a man called James Pimm, who was based in the financial district of London, invented and marketed the very first ‘Pimms’. It wasn’t just a drink though, history shows us something different for its beginnings. At the time there was a huge focus on the health benefits of drinking ‘tonics’ as well as the health properties of breathing in sea air or taking a dip into the sea to cure ailments. Pimms was invented as a health tonic. My Pimm was trying to aid the healthy lifestyle of people and his idea only grew from strength to strength.

The drink retains its popularity and has become the quintessential British summertime drink with the Pimms Royal Cup being a firm favourite for the recent royal celebrations all over the country. The Royal Cup mixes the classic No.1 Pimms Cup with Champagne and is about as good as it gets.