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We’ve been crafting our single malt since 1843, when farmer William Matheson and his wife Anne followed their dreams and founded the Glenmorangie Distillery. Our whisky makers have been dreaming up wondrous whiskies in the very same spot, ever since.

About Glenmorangie

For us, creativity takes a community. Designing delicious whiskies requires constant watch over our tall stills, and skills built up over generations. These men and women are deeply versed in our anything-is-possible style of whisky making. Truth be told, we couldn’t create Glenmorangie without them.

The copper stills in which we distil our spirit, are the tallest in Scotland. With necks as tall as a giraffe, they create more space for taste and aroma.

And so we craft a wonderfully fruity and delicate spirit, ripe for experimentation.