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Our Single Malt Whisky is driven by our love and passion for making a perfectly balanced, smooth yet rich whisky that is delicious from the very first sip.

About Singleton

Delicate. Light. Perfectly balanced. Drink it however you want. The Singleton Glendullan is a uniquely versatile single malt with an equally rich history. In Dufftown, Scotland we say “Rome was built on seven hills and Dufftown stands on seven stills.”

Constructed in 1897 — and the seventh of the distilleries — Glendullan sits on the bank of the River Dullen amongst the picturesque Convall Hills.

Glendullan’s onion-shaped stills produce a delicate spirit with a green apple profile. Most of our product is aged in American oak bourbon barrels, which impart sweetness and a rich nuttiness. A smaller portion of our single malt is aged in fruity European sherry casks.