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Launched in 1982, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum shipped a million cases during the following ten years, making it one of the most popular rum brands in the world. Captain Morgan has continued to grow in the years since with a range of new variants.

About Captain Morgan

In 1944, the Seagram company bought Long Pond distillery from Jamaica, and Captain Morgan charmed his way onto the bottles. With its Caribbean roots, they figured that a pirate type of figure would suit the rum well, and well it did.

Today, Captain Morgan is created with yeast, molasses, water, and mash. That beautiful golden colour and sweet taste comes from the molasses (sugarcane). After distilling, it’s aged in oak barrels for up to a year. The darker the barrel, the darker the colour of the rum. There are now several variations of Captain Morgan’s rum, and some even have added spices for intense flavour.

There are several variations on this sugarcane liquor, but we’re focusing on dark rum and spiced rum. Each has its own distinct differences, and both are fantastic places to start when tasting rums.